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Recycled wood pallets can be used again and again. They may have a few cosmetic defects but are still structurally sound, You’ll save up to 70% over brand new pallets. We offer money saving options, Instead of just taking your order, we work with you to find out what you really need(vs, what you’re used to ordering), and hopefully save you money and time. We communicate promptly. You won’t ever have to waste time chasing us for information.

We call, text and email to give you updates on your order and follow up after delivery to make sure your happy. We stay on top of your pallet supply. Most pallet suppliers just sit back and wait for you to place an order. Not us. We check in with you regularly to make sure your not running low on pallets, We offer only grade A #1 and #2 used pallets.

Our inspection process eliminates selling less than desirable products. And at much reduced price than brand new items. Increase your profits by saving money with our affordable, reliable and top quality used products. Contact us today for more information. Services offered

Pallet Removal and Disposal Services:
Have a stack (or more) of unwanted pallets clogging up your dock or parking lot? We can help clear out and KEEP it clean, all the while staying environmentally friendly. By the way our way is MUCH cheaper than throwing pallets in a dumpster,

We Buy Pallets:

We’re always looking for new supplies of pallets to maintain our customers chain supply, If you have 25 or more pallets that are in good shape we’d love to chat about buying them for you.

We pay fair market price and are interested in ALL sizes, not just the 48x40s.